We help eCommerce brands Scale to $100k/month Through TikTok ads WITHOUT the Need For You to Learn or Make TikToks.

"We'll help your brand go viral and leave you with so many sales that you constantly run out of stock and need to find a new supplier"

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Intelli Marketing is the GO TO agency  for  eCommerce brands looking to scale FAST through TikTok Ads.

Start TikTok ads today and say…

Goodbye to high CPMs (Cost per 1000 impressions/viewers)
Goodbye to low ROAS (Return on Ad spend)
Goodbye to iOS14 issues
Goodbye to disabled ad accounts
And hello to FREEDOM!


Easily customized dashboard

Setting the Foundations for Success

We will create all of your TikTok accounts (app, business, ad account, etc.) - we will set everything up for you and hold your hand every step of the way so that there's no confusion and things run smoothly
We will set up your TikTok pixel - so that all tracking is working correctly and there are no attribution issues in the dashboard (no iOS 14 issues!)


Conduct Extensive Research

We will conduct extensive competitor research - so that we know exactly which TikTok ad styles perform the best in your niche.
We will find the best influencers in your niche and get them to promote your products - we have close connections with top Tiktokers 

Creating World Class TikToks

We will create/post viral TikTok’s for your brand’s page to help you grow organically so that your brand goes viral and you get tons of free sales
We have an in-house team of TikTok influencers with over 20k followers each - who keep up with the top trends and know how to go viral fast
TikTok is unlike any other platform, so the video creation process is very unique, which is why we take full control over the TikTok creation process


Scaling To The MOON

We then manage, test, and scale all of the best performing TikToks to boost conversions and maximize results.
On top of that, we implement our secret retargeting strategies, target lookalike audiences, and ultimately leave you with so many sales you keep running out of stock. 

A message from our founder..

6 years ago i made a big mistake…

And the mistake was that I decided to put off learning Facebook ads.

In 2016, my good friend introduced me to this thing called "Facebook ads". And he told me that you could use it to sell products online with ease. It was super easy to go viral on Facebook at the time.

But I said, "I’ll wait a bit and start them later".

2 years pass and now i hear everyone talking about Facebook ads and I jump on the band wagon.

But by this time its too late...

Facebook ads are so are so much more saturated and competitive now

Now why am i telling you this story?

Because TikTok ads in 2022 is the Facebook ads of 2016

Low competition, less saturation, higher profits.

This is why I’m so passionate about starting now. Not because i hate Facebook ads, but because i made a mistake 6 years ago and i dont want you guys to do the same.

The time is now. Start TikTok ads now.

Yours truly,

Romiel Clarke, Founder & CEO at Intelli Marketing

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Our Philosophy

Excellence in everything we do.

Become the #1 eCom Brand in Your Industry + Dominate the Competition
Dominate the competition and become the #1 brand in your industry through the power of TikTok. Your brand will always be at the top of your customers' minds with our ability to consistently go viral on the platform. Achieving the highest possible return on investment is our #1 priority.
Never Be Out of the Loop, We're All in This Together
Our reporting process keeps you in the loop and eliminates any confusion. On our monthly reporting calls, we fully evaluate your results and adjust our strategy if necessary. We will be holding your hand every step of the way, ensuring that everything is running smoothly
Grow on TikTok FAST + Build a Strong Fan Base
We are fast. At Intelli Marketing, in everything we do, we do it quickly, efficiently, and effectively while placing a thorough emphasis on quality. Grow on TikTok fast through organic traffic and bring in tons of sales at no cost. Build a strong fan base of people who absolutely love and adore your products.
Just Relax, We Make the Process EFFORTLESS
Automate the process so that you have more time to enjoy yourself and focus on the big picture for your business. You shouldn't be worrying about ads or making TikToks. You should be focused on making your prodycts better and that's what we allow you to do.


1. This is a no obligation call, you can literally walk away at anytime.

2. This is not a sales call.

3. This is not a waste of time. We understand that you’re busy so we ensure that every second is packed with insane value.

4. This is not usually free, it's $500. However, we find that people respond to them very well and often ask if they can work with us afterwards, so we give a few away for free every month.

Our Full 360 Marketing Makeover:

Our value-filled marketing makeover audit takes a peak at your current state and gives you actionable steps that you can implement into your business right after the call to massively improve performance.

Our 5-Figure Viral TikTok System (worth $500+ alone):

Here, we help you GO VIRAL and we teach you how to become omnipresent and make it appear to your customers as though your brand is everywhere, building loyal customers for life.

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