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Intelli Marketing is the GO TO white-label agency  for  eCommerce agencies looking for high converting TikTok Ad Content.

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Goodbye to ads that don't convert
Goodbye to long delivery times
Goodbye to revisions being a hassle
Goodbye to creators with no experience
And hello to FREEDOM!


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Find Your Dream Content Creator

Select a Creator You Like From Our Portfolio
We have over 50 talented content creators for you to choose from
Check them out before you work with them - we have Sample TikToks available for each creator where you can see their style and know for sure if they'd be a good representation of your brand


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Just give us some brief details on what you'd like to see in the video - that way we know exactly what you're looking for and your content comes out exactly how you want it

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Ship your products and our creators will get started on your project immediately
Get it done FAST - our creators will finish your videos in less than 7 days after product arrival


Edit, and TEST

Once the video is finished, we give up to 2 revisions for free
We will make changes until the video comes out exactly how you want it.

A message from our founder..

How we accidentally started a UGC agency…

About a year ago, we moved away from Facebook ads to TikTok ads like most people…

TikTok was trending and we knew it would be advantageous if brands hopped on their ad platform early…

However, as more people started using TikTok ads… Results started to decline…like they always do.

So we had to become better.. And the only way to do that on TikTok is to make better, higher converting videos.

So we went and hired a bunch of content creators..

Taught them how to produce TikToks that actually made sales…

Now my agency friends saw that we had a roster of creators and asked if they could use them for their agency as well..

I said of course.. And before you knew it..

I had more people coming to me for UGC than actual TikTok ads services..

Sometimes the best businesses happen when you solve a problem for yourself and offer it to others around you..

The UGC agency wasn’t our intention, but it came anyways..

Romiel Clarke, Founder & CEO at Intelli Marketing

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Our Philosophy

Excellence in everything we do.

Make $$$ With Our Ads
We Make Ads That ACTUALLY Convert and get you a high ROAS. Our unique strategy consistently produces ads that go viral and get your clients lots of sales.
Streamline Communication
Feel free to email us at anytime and we will get back to you as soon as possible. All issues/concerns regarding your content will be handled immediately.
Fast Turnaround Time
We are fast. At Intelli Marketing, in everything we do, we do it quickly, efficiently, and effectively while placing a thorough emphasis on quality. Get content produced in less than 7 days through our streamline UGC process, so you can consistently test new creatives for your ad campaigns
Just Relax, We Make the Process EFFORTLESS
We automate the process so that you have more time to focus on the the growth of your business. You shouldn't be worrying about ads or making TikToks. You should be focused on making your products better and that's what we allow you to do. We handle EVERYTHING from creative direction, to content creation and video editing. Just ship your products and we'll handle the rest


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Our value-filled marketing makeover audit takes a peak at your current state and gives you actionable steps that you can implement into your business right after the call

Our Viral TikTok System:

Here, we show you how our creators are consistently able to produce viral content for our clients and why they're different from other UGC creators

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